MEBA3D: the affordable and fast solution for removing 3D-printed parts from the base plate

Additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly important in metal processing. Part of this process is separating 3D-printed parts from the base plate. Well before 3D sawing became a trend, MEBA developed a concept which guarantees fast process time and good cutting results, with low operating costs at the same time. The outcome of this concept is our: MEBA3D 335/510.

The MEBA concept is based on the successful straight-cut saws of the MEBAeco product family. These machines showcase modern machine technology, high efficiency and outstanding cutting results. The metal band sawing machine is equipped with a special clamping device and can therefore precisely separate 3D printed pieces from the customer’s mounting plate.

MEBA3D package

Standard equipment sawing machine

  • MEBA High performance package including clamping device
  • Saw feed via frequency-controlled ball screw drive with automatic cutting pressure and feed monitoring
    ➞ Rapid lowering of the saw frame via push buttons
  • Frequency-controlled AC drive 15-150 m/min
  • Hydraulic material full-stroke clamping
  • Movable belt guide arm, adjustment to material width
  • Precise saw band carbide roller guide
  • Rotating chip cleaning brush
  • Manual saw band tension with torque wrench
  • Coolant device
    (can be combined with our MEBA micro dosing system)

MEBAeco 335

90° Ø335mm 500x335mm
Motor 3,0 kW AC
Saw blade 4400x34x1,1 mm
Sawblade speed 15–150 m/min
Material weight max. 250 kg/m
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1200x2150x1900 mm
Working height 750 mm
Weight 1020 kg

Clamping device for precisely removing 3D printed workpieces

The metal band sawing machine is equipped with a special clamping device and can therefore precisely separate 3D printed pieces from the customer’s mounting plate.

The plate is being attached on the MEBA device which can be accurately aligned due to linear guides.

The fixture plate can be dismantled after the termination of the sawing process, and after a little rework the fixture plate can easily be reused.

Suitable for retrofitting:
The entire device is built on a base plate and can be therefore mounted easily and cost-effectively on already existing sawing machines, completing as a result your machine fleet.

Clamping device for precise cutting of 3D printed workpieces

Technical Data

Especially suitable for base plates up to a maximum of:

  • max. 300x300 mm
  • easily adjustable via linear guides

Your advantages

  • High-speed clamping: with one easy movement the base plate can be mounted or dismantled
  • Low purchasing costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Few operating steps: clamping, sawing
  • Fast process time
  • Outstanding cutting results
  • Long service life for the band saw blade
  • Optimal utilization and amortization: the sawing machine can also be used for standard sawing tasks
  • Short changeover time: the entire clamping device can be assembled and dismantled with very little effort in a short amount of time

We recommend further options:

Hood for 3D package
Industrial Vacuum for the 3D package

Hood for 3D package

  • Enclosed workspace for removing 3D printed parts
  • Easy removal of sawn-off parts
  • Clean work environment

Hood for 3D package

Your advantages

  • Limits the area of dirt
  • Removable drip tray
  • User-friendly: movable hood for easy attachment and removal of the base plates
  • Process reliability: Sight glass provides insight into the ongoing sowing process
  • Smooth running: easily movable via linear guides
  • Individually adjustable: with the option “suction for 3D package” the machine has a flexible installation of the suction nozzles
  • Suitable for subsequent attachment
  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly

Industrial Vacuum for the 3D package

  • Industrial vacuum cleaner for the removal of coarse and fine dust
  • According to the safety instructions the vacuum cleaner is suited for the suction of combustible and dry dusts in zone 22
  • Manufactured according to the guidelines 94/9/EG for equipment and protective systems intended to use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Industrial Vacuum for the 3D package

Your Advantages

  • For extracting dust during dry sawing
  • Clean work environment
  • Health protection
  • High suction power
  • High mobility due to smooth-running castors
  • Can be used for all suction tasks and is therefore versatile

Important security indication:
Dust explosion-protected vacuum cleaners are not suitable for the suction of explosive or equivalent substances within the meaning of §1 SprengG. Liquids and mixtures of flammable dusts and liquids are also not suited. The operator needs therefore to guarantee the safe avoidance of ignition sources.


In comparison to traditional production processes such as wire EDP, the 3D MEBA sawing concept is less complicated since it only requires two operating steps: clamping and sawing. Acquisition and maintenance costs are significantly lower.

The long service life of the band saw blade also keeps the costs low. Capacity and amortization of the saw are additionally favored by the fact that MEBA3D saws can also be used for standard sawing work with a low conversion effort.


Additive Manufacturing with Metal: How Company “Edelstahl Mechanik” cleanly and economically separates 3D-Printed Metal Parts from the Base Plate
Metal 3D printing has experienced rapid growth in recent years. The 3D printing process allows a high degree of flexibility in the planning and construction of the various components. The components themselves have a high stability, functionality, and durability.

MEBA3D in your process chain

With the integrated MEBA3D solution your process could be as described: In the first step the 3D parts are printed on a plate. Afterwards, the plate must be fixed on the MEBA device, which can be moved as desired via linear guides and can therefore be precisely aligned. As soon as the plate is positioned, the sawing process begins. In the final step the MEBA3D bandsaw removes the 3D printed workpieces quickly and precisely from the plate.

The sawn workpieces fall then into a container where they can be removed and if necessary further refined. After the sawing process the fixture plate can be dismantled and with little rework reused for further prints. With the help of this solution, you can gently detach the 3D parts from the plate with little effort and quick saw cuts.


You have the task - we have the solution

Our expert will advise you individually and offer you the right solution.


You have a MEBA saw in your inventory and now want to enjoy the advantages of 3D sawing without buying a new machine right away? Talk to us: We will be happy to check whether the MEBA 3D system is also compatible with your saw. The entire device is built on a base plate and can be mounted on some MEBA models. 3D sawing therefore does not automatically require the purchase of a completely new saw, but can in many cases be easily and cost-effectively added to your existing machinery.